Livre Ser Institute is a nonprofit private organization of the civil society committed with social transformation. Since 2006, it works with humanitarian projects, events and cultural activities, rescuing peoples’ dignity and advocating for human rights.

The Institute is sponsored by donations from people all over Brazil who support it’s cause, and by the resources of it’s founder, Juliano Son, musical work with Livres Band.


To be an effective agent in achieving a transformed society, free of injustice, where all people enjoy a dignified life.


To promote actions, programs and projects that cooperate with sustainable improvements in people living conditions and in communities at risk situation and low levels of socioeconomic conditions.


  • Love and Respect for others
  • Engagement and Solidarity
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Excellence and Focus on results
  • Commitment

In 2005, touched by the reality of children traffic and sexual abuse, Juliano Son recorded a CD to promote and financially support projects and actions that were fighting against this violent system. That’s how his musical project emerged. Now, he is the leader and vocalist of Livres Band.


One year later, Son met some other people who shared the same concerns about children traffic and sexual abuse and then, together, they founded Livre Ser Institute. Livre Ser’s first project was the Foster Home, that welcomed it’s first group of children and teenagers in 2008 and aims to offer complete social assistance to them.


Through the years, with his songs, messages and actions, Juliano Son assumed the role to promote his involvement with social causes to his public. When he is on stage, Son speaks up for the commitment all human beings must have with their neighbors. He understands it as the true expression of the love of God.


With Livres Band, Juliano Son already recorded six CDs: Livres para Adorar (2005); A Mensagem (2006); Pra Que Outros Possam Viver (2009); Mais Um Dia (2011); Mais Um Dia – Ao Vivo (2013) and Só em Jesus (2015). They also have two live DVDs: Pra Que Outros Possam Viver (2010) and Mais Um Dia (2013).


With the intention of expanding Livre Ser Foster Home to the northeast, Juliano Son moved in 2013 to Teresina, Piauí’s state capital. His purpose was to establish a full-time reception center for children and teenagers who lived at high risk situations.


When he got there and saw the reality of some villages and small towns in Piauí’s countryside, he started another Livre Ser project: Mais Água, that finds solutions to meet the needs of clean water in the Brazilian semiarid region.


In 2014 Livre Ser started Sertão Livre Impact project, gathering volunteers all over Brazil to work for the outback. The project benefits communities with humanitarian actions to generate bonds and transform people’s character, medical, dental and psychological care, services and presentations about social rights to the communities’ empowerment, building and donation of multipurpose spaces, and economic and cultural promotion.